The Turf Doctor has two different treatment plans available that will promote healthy soil conditions that will allow us to grow a thick, healthy and weed free lawn.

  • Our Cool Season Treatment Plan is recommended for Fescue and Bluegrass lawns.
  • Our Warm Season Treament Plan is recommended for Bermuda and Zoysia lawns.

Cool Season Treament Plan

  •  1st App - Crabgress Pre-emergent, Broadleaf Weed Control, Fertilizer
  • 2nd App - Crabgress Pre-emergent, Broadleaf Weed Control, Fertilizer
  • 3rd App - Organic Fertilizer, Broadleaf Weed and Nutsedge Control
  • 4th App - Grub and Turf Insect Control, Summer Broadleaf and Grass Control
  • 5th App - Starter Fertilizer, Broadleaf and Weed Grass Control
  • 6th App - Winterizer Fertilizer and Winter Broadleaf Control 

Warm Season Treatment Plan

  • 1st App - Winter weed control, Cool season grass control, Pre-emergent
  • 2nd App -Winter weed control, Cool Season grass control, Pre-emergent
  • 3rd App -Fertilizer, Weed, Nutsedge Control
  • 4th App -Grub and Turf Insect Control, Nutsedge Spot Treatment
  • 5th App - Winter Weed Pre-emergent, and Potassium Fertilizer
  • 6th App -Winter Broadleaf Weed Control, Cool Season Grass Control

We highly recommend selecting our Preventative Disease Control Package for lawns with irrigation.
These application will be applied in May, June and July.

Diseases in Turf grass such as Brown Patch, Pythium Blight, Summer Patch, Dollar Spot, Fairy Ring and Necrotic Ring Spot
are easily recognized in well irrigated lawns during the warmer months. You can identify diseased lawns by looking for these features. 

  • Circular or horseshoe pattern brown spots or brown patch.
  • The inside of these spots will often recover while the outside continues to degenerate leaving "smoke rings."

  • If left untreated these diseases will eventualy spread to a much larger area of the lawn.

Common Turf Disease Names:

  • Brown Patch 
  • Pythium Blight
  • Large Patch
  • Summer Patch
  • Necrotic Ring Spot
  • Dollar Spot
  • Fairy Ring

Preventative Disease Control

  • 1st App - 28 Day Preventative Disease Control Applied in May
  • 2nd App - 28 Day Preventative Disease Control Applied in June
  • 3rd App - 28 Day Preventative Disease Control Applied in July
  • 4th App - 28 Day Preventative Disease Control Applied in August​​​​​​​
We prevent 90% of Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fairy Ring and many other Turf Diseases